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Kollage Square Circulars *NEW*

The original four-sided knitting needle. Kollage Square™ Ergonomic Knitting Needles help relieve pain and tension in wrists and hands and create more uniform stitches! Squares™ feature smooth joins and precise points.

A superior quality needle, produced in North America. 

  • Square shape is ergonomic
  • Unique swivel-join on firm cables mean your large projects don’t crimp
  • Precise tips are sharp, but not too pointy
  • Needle sizes are etched on, no need for a gauge!
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Kollage circular needles are available with either a soft or firm cable.

The firm-cabled knitting needles feature a swivel join, so no more getting your cables twisted while working on a project. The firm cable is similar to most other circular cables out in the market, except a little softer so it’s ready to knit with right out of the package.

The unique soft cable is buttery soft… you might even call it floppy! A favorite for knitting with the magic loop technique.


Due to the difference in Square® needles compared to traditional round needles, we STRONGLY recommend you knit a gauge swatch. (Note: most knitters go UP one needle size to obtain gauge.)


Kollage Square® needles are made in Canada by Louet North America